Welcome to The Suds Club!

The Suds Club was started in 2008 with a small group of 4 original members, on the hunt for great beers.  Trying new beers every chance we got.

Drink Local and Taste Global.  We enjoy trying all types of beers from all over the world, but the best is always supporting your local breweries.

Rate your beers and Enjoy!


Our Goal:

To inspire you, the beer drinkers, to expand your tastes and try something new.  We want you to try beers from around the world and find things you never knew existed.  Along with exploring what the world has to offer, Find some local breweries and enjoy some delicious local craft Beer!

Not only does that apply to beer, but now expand to wines and spirits! It’s great to explore what the world has to offer, but make sure to support your local breweries, wineries & distilleries… Drink Local, Taste Global.